To all YONDON's value customers:
YONDON, established in 1974, has been actively developing quality medical and industrial standard products for domestic and oversea markets.

Over the years, hospitals and medical professionals have worked with YONDON to develop customized equipments that ultimately bring the medical service standard to a higher level. It is YONDON's philosophy that a product/service is not good enough until both the doctors and the patients approve of it. This is why YONDON is know for its reputation of durability, friendly user interface, and excellent performance/price ratio.

YONDON welcomes all interested individuals to share the success of YONDON's products and market YONDON's products worldwide.  

With nearly 30 years of experience, YONDON has a lot to offer.  YONDON's strength is easily seen when there are over 60% presence of YONDON's infant incubator in domestic market.  The rapidly growing export of YONDON's products further encourage and re-assure YONDON's quality products.  

Should you have any comment or suggestion at all, please direct your concern to us and YONDON will gladly accept and reply with appreciation of your effort.